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About Nomadic Curry

Nomadic Curry is your non-mainstream millennial magazine that offers a fresh take on food, travel, and other lifestyle stuff. We will take you on a journey through the most exotic and avant-garde sensory experiences that life has to offer. We’re always on the hunt for something new, fresh and mouth-watering, and oh, we’re always hungry (and we hope you’re gonna be too). So come join us to brighten up your weekends and Queer Eye your food experiences one off-beat dish and quirky places at a time.

Our motto is to feed you something different from the menu, as this world is getting typical in their menu options.

Our Story

Nomadic Rishabh & Curry Ishita are the brains and body behind this magazine. Ishita is a Pune-ite MBA graduate, working somewhere down in South India. Her last known location was in Hyderabad. She is probably there, eating something. We know it. Trust us.


Rishabh is a Marketing Enthuasist in the day time and a food lover at night. When he is not doing both he sleeps or either Netflix and chill. He is from Lucknow.

And how we do we know it? Just guessing. LOL

If you are curious to know what they are up to, you can find them on social media. Here are the secret links; Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest .

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