India’s favorite beer? How Bira made it to the top

India's Favourite beer Bira

May it be a hot summer evening or your favorite football match. A lovely family gathering or birthday bashes. Sad heartbreak sand what not? The drink you need beside you for those special moments in your life is Beer. So which brand is India’s favorite beer? It’s Bira 91, the craft beer.

But did you know beer is the 2nd most consumed alcoholic beverage? Spirits stand in the 1st place. Kingfisher, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, Bira91, Foster’s, Hoegaarden, MillerCoors, Haywards 5000, Royal Challenge, Kings, Godfathers, Stella Artois, Peroni, Daredevil, Biggie Brewklyn, The black Mamba Brewbot, Simba, White owl, Raging bull, Hopper beer are few popular beers in India.

then what makes this craft India’s favorite beer?

Hint: taste and Two-word affordability. The specialty of B9 is its mild sweetness and citrus flavors, making it different from already available beers in India. The delicate combination of malty sweet and spicy citrus flavors is the reason for Bira being exclusive among others. B9 never had to do any marketing campaigns its publicity was merely based on word of mouth. Bira 91 is available in India, USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and UAE.

Beer Strong and White Beer

Its price ranges from Rs.90 to Rs.150 depending on the region. Bira sells out an estimated 50,000 cases a month. Amazed right? These reasons are enough for Bira 91 to push back all its rivals and stand at the top. B9 has gained enough popularity and immense success in no time. No doubt, we can proudly say that this Craft beer, purely Made in India is people’s number one choice. These two are the primary reason for B9 to called as India’s favorite beer.

A Short History of Bira Beer

The story of Bira 91B9 beverages Pvt Ltd founder, Ankur Jain, had to go through a bunch of struggles to stand where he is today. Jain completed his degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He briefly worked with Motorola before starting his first venture in Healthcare Revenue Management in New York which was later sold to an undisclosed healthcare provider network in 2007. Later he moved to India to set up his beer venture in 2008. His father didn’t speak to him properly for 5 years when he wanted to be an entrepreneur in the beer industry says, Ankur Jain.

The name stands for brother in Punjabi (bira) and 91 represents India’s country code. Bira 91 and its varieties The Main ingredients of this taste worthy Craft beer are wheat, barley, and hops, the beer is available in, 330ml, 650ml bottles and 500ml cans. Its alcohol content is 4.9% -7%. Bira released a good number of variants like Bira 91 White, Bira 91 Blonde, Bira 91 Light, Bira 91 Strong, Bira 91 Bira Boom The IPA. Bira 91 White is 4.9% alcohol, this witbier is a golden pour with a subtle white head. It is highly a citrus-flavored and has an aroma similar to lemon and coriander. It is a tasty mixture of sweet, bitter, and lemonish flavors. It feels a little too thin. A delectable fruity beverage for citrus lovers.

Initially, the company’s brewery unit was located in the Flanders region of Belgium. Bira 91, the Indian witbier brand, became extremely popular across the country, and has since shifted its production back to India.

What are the offerings from Bira?

The company offers a vast variety of beverage selection. From your average light beers to strong fruitful ones. Bira offers:

Bira 91 Blonde (4.9% alcohol)

bira Blond beer

This pale lager with a clear yellow pour and medium white head. It rather feels light with medium carbonation. It has a faint malty and citrus-flavored aroma with grassy hops. This crisp beverage is worldly and accompanies you in your low times.

Bira 91 Light (4% alcohol)

Bira 91 Light beer

This is a low-calorie Pale lager, light in taste as the name suggests. It has 120 which is lower than a glass of milk. Fitness freak right? Its clean appearance and crisp taste makes it a perfect combo with an anytime light meal.

Bira White Ale (4.5% alcohol)

Bira white beer

White ale is Bira’s signature beer offering. Company says it is one of the most popular beer in the Indian Beer Market. Also, a large chunk of company profit comes from this. Low on bitterness, this cloudy beverage has 4.5% alcohol.

Bira 91 Strong Ale (8% alcohol)

Bira Strong Ale beer

This Wheat Ale is a strong one from its range. It has a nice hassle yellow gold pour and a very low broken white head. It has a weird medicinal alcoholic taste. This sweet grainy malt beverage has average carbonation. Save this beverage for those special occasions.

Bira Strong Lager (4.5% alcohol)

Bira strong beer

Strong lager from Bira is a perfect summer companion. Rich in fruity aromas and flavor, this is a must-have kind of beer. Made choicest with two-row barley it has around 4.5% alcohol.

Bira Boom Strong (4% to 7% alcohol)

Bira Boom strong beer

If you like rich, malty flavor with a dose of alcohol, then Boom Classic is the one for you. Equipped with deep malty gold-colored body Boom strong steps up the game.

Bira Boom Classic (4% to 7% alcohol)

Bira Boom Classic Beer

This is your special mild and crisp ale beer having around 4% -7% alcohol v/v. Low on bitter, high on fruity aromas & smoothness, this is the latest member in the company beverage portfolio.

Bira 91 IPA (The Indian Pale Ale 7% alcohol)

bira Indian Pale Ale Beer

This Indian Pale Ale pours orange-gold and has no white head. It has a hint of Iron kind of flavor. Beverage with medium carbonation, this has a spicy citrus hint to it. It has a rose petal-like aroma which crushes the citrus flavor. This is not an everyday go-to beer.

What is a craft beer?

Bira 91 is a craft beer, initially inspired by the taste of German craft beers. You might already be wondering what a Craft beer actually is? Then let me tell you that a craft beer is a beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery. Craft beers are made using local ingredients to match the taste of the natives. These are also less available and are likely to be limited to a bar or a city.

Few Craft beers in India are Doolally (Pune), Wittlinger, Bira 91, Toit (Banglore), Independence Brewing Company(Pune), Gateway Brewing company (Mumbai), White owl brewery (Mumbai), Molecule air bar (Gurgaon), Simba, Thirsty Beersetc Symbol of Bira 91The monkey mascot, the symbol of Bira personifies Urban Millennials, the primary consumers of this beverage. It symbolizes playfulness and irreverence.

Bira Shop: Everything apart from beers!

Apart from selling beers, Bira has an online store where it sells merchandise and apparel. We checked it out and found it really cool.

Here are some items that we loved on the store.

Ice Bucket


Beer Growler

Beer growler



Tote Hand Bag

You can visit the store here: Bira Shop

Bira started as a small company in the already crowded beer market. But with consistent efforts and unique taste, it has finally made its place in the hearts of the Indian youngsters and became India’s favorite beer?

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