Beer in paper bottles? Carlsberg is here to change the game.

Carlsberg Paper Bottle for Beer

As climate is becoming real, a lot of companies are going unconventional ways to reduce plastic or its use in their product. Recent example is from Carlsberg’s beer in Paper Bottles.

In C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, Danish Beer Giant introduced it “Greenest Bottle Ever”.

Carlsberg beer group has come with innovative way to wrap and manufacture their beers using paper. Yes you heard right Paper. New Carlsberg beer will be coming into a new paper packaging called SNAP Pack. Company says this will reduces plastic usage by elimination use of traditional plastic that Cause pollution later when the beer is consumed. Carlsberg paper bottle is one of a kind.

Carlsberg's beer in its new paper bottle.

Another thing that this SNAP packing will do is reduce CO2 emission and use of fossil fuel in the manufacturing of beers.

Carlsberg said:

With the Snap Pack, we’re following directly in our founder’s footsteps. Our beer packaging innovation will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste and provide our consumers with better, greener beer experiences.

Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of Carlsberg Group

As mentioned by Danish Beer Company, SNAP packing will lead to 76% plastic reduction than previous manufacturing, will save 60 million plastic bags that is equal to 1200 tonnes of normal plastic and will recycle of 1200 tonnes of plastic when their beers are converted.

That is one heck of a Green Punch to climate change. This also shows that how easy is to save climate by changing some human habits.

The idea was tossed first in 2015 by Carlsberg. Since then, they have continuously worked on it with industry experts and academics on the project. Commercial prototypes are still is testing phase but it’s good to see such initiatives. However, Unilever, ITC group and many have joined this noble cause promising to control and reduce plastic usage.

Probably the Greenest way to protect environment, without sweating.

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  1. It’s really a great and appreciated step, all such innovative solutions are necessary to be taken in this era of increasing global warming.

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