These 10 bizarre Indian dishes will either make your appetite or break it!

India's Bizzare food

India is a land of cultural diversities and mouth-watering dishes be it the Pav bhaji in the north to the crispy and light Dosas in the south or the crunchy khakras in Gujarat or Khar from Assam. These 10 bizarre Indian dishes will question the foodie in you! 

So here is the ultimate bucket list of bizarre Indian dishes for all you fearless foodies out there, if you dare: 

1. Frog Legs: Bizarre dish of Sikkim

Assam Frog Leg dish

This bizarre delicacy is favorite of the Lepcha community in Sikkim and is savored and relished by not only them The Indian bullfrog is also a monsoon delicacy in Goa and is famously known as the ‘jumping chicken’. This dish is known to cure various stomach ailments. Weird right?

It is recognized as threatened species by the government of India yet you may find some restaurants serving it. 

2. Daulat ki Chaat 

Daulat ki Chaat dish of Delhi

Referred to as God’s own street food, it is a delectable frothy cream dessert made by whisking milk for hours on chilly winter nights. It is served with a topping of pistachios and ‘mawa’. 

But to taste this frothy dessert you will have to face the cool breeze of Delhi in the morning as it’s only available on cold winter mornings on the streets of Chandni-Chowk as it melts in the day. This isn’t bizarre dish but yes you have to face Indian winter. 

3. Khorisa 

Khorisa Dish of Assam

Khorisa is an ethnic fermented bamboo shoot product of Assam. It is generally made from young, edible bamboo shoots of Bambusa balcooa and is eaten in the raw, fermented, or pickled form. It is consumed on the daily and also on special occasions and celebrations. Khorisa is a staple of many tribal communities in Assam. It is believed to have been borrowed from culinary habits of China, where fermenting and pickling different vegetables is common practice. 

4. Doh Khleh 

Doh Khloe dish

Doh khleh is one of the Khasi’s favorite Dish in Meghalaya, Shillong, North East India. It is consumed especially during special ceremonies.  This unusual dish takes bizarre cuisine up a step! It’s a pork and onion salad garnished with pig’s brain, which is steamed. It is believed to be healthy and mouth-watering at the same time. If you are in the mood for fusion food it can also have a Mexican Touch by adding beans, tomatoes, carrots and lemons.  

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5. Red Ant chutney 

Red ant chutney dish

Chutneys have always come to our rescue when we get fed up with the boring dal roti and needed something to spice it up, but we surely have some second thoughts about trying this chutney. 

From the wilderness of Batsar in Chhattisgarh, comes a weird red-hot chutney called Chaprah. 

The ants are dried and then crushed with salt and of course, spices to bring a zingy flavor. This bizarre Indian dish is also believed to render medicinal qualities. And you thought India is all about green mango chutney. 

6. Eri Polu 

Eri Polu dish made from silk worms.

This bizarre Indian dish is again from Assam and is prepared with the same raw materials used for making our beautiful silk sarees, you guessed it rights; Eri silkworm is the primary ingredient in this dish and is used after it has spun its cocoon. It is usually served with ‘Khorisa’ (listed above) as they both complement each other’s flavor well just like butter on aloo paranthas!. Now we’re hungry but also, not. Because, well…worms. 

7. Baby Shark Curry 

Shark Curry

Goa is not only famous for its scenic beaches or for being on every Indian’s bucket list but also for some unusual dishes and its unique culture. Baby Shark Curry is one of them and is really expensive as it’s not an easy task to catch one. But, also really shouldn’t because sharks are quickly turning into endangered species. 

8. Phan Phyut 

Phan Phyut Dish

Potatoes in our households are generally thrown away but let us tell you that many people from the Eastern area will happy if they found some in their homes as rotten potatoes are relished by them and instead of harvesting them when they get ripen they are allowed to rot in soil and are either eaten raw or eaten after mixing it with spices. Of all the ways potatoes are cooked ranging from boiled ones to hash-browns these are the weirdest form that you’d expect. Truly bizarre Indian dish.

9. Sorpotel 

Serpotal dish

Hey, there curry lovers! Pay attention to this red meat curry which is wonderfully tangy and lip smacking at the same time. Though this dish is intended to be cooked only on the occasion of Christmas is a dish that is always a favorite in intimate parties and get-togethers of Goa. It is generally made using beef, mutton, or chicken. 

10. Benami Kheer 

Benami Kheer dessert

And lastly after all the savory dishes we listed above, we got your sweet tooth covered! 

(Don’t worry it’s not as awful as it sounds) 

This kheer is a popular and amazingly satisfying dessert. The main ingredient of this kheer is garlic, and trust us, it is heavenly. Garlic is sliced in thin strips and then boiled thrice in succession with a pinch of food-grade saltpeter, the water is then discarded. Boiling takes away the properties of garlic by precipitation and changing the water thrice along with saltpeter keeps it crisp. Cooked with khoya, full-fat milk along with a sweetener and a pinch of green cardamom, a delicious dessert is ready to be consumed. 

11. Black Rice 

Black Rice dish
Credits: Rux Martin Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Black rice or the ‘forbidden rice’ as some people call it is no longer forbidden but is still not very popular. Besides being called forbidden, black rice has many names like ‘Chak Hao’ in the North East and ‘Kavuni’ in Tamil Nadu. 

This rice is not only delicious but is also very good for health as it is rich in antioxidants and helps in preventing obesity and diabetes. Biryani lovers can swap white rice with this as it’s a healthier option but don’t worry your fitness freaks, you can also have a juicy black rice salad with peaches and cucumbers. 

12. Nahkham 


Fish is something that isn’t a very uncommon thing to be eaten, but the Garo tribe of Meghalaya have managed to create a unique dish Nankham in which the fish used is dried and odorous, and is complemented with rice, and served with onions, red chili, garlic and burnt powdered ash of wood to add a smokey flavor to the dish. 

13. Jadoh 

Jadoh dish

Jadoh is a very famous dish among the Khasi community of Meghalaya but is a bizarre dish. 

It’s a combination of red rice, stewed with generous amounts of pork meat (and can be cooked with chicken or fish) along with green chillies, onions, ginger, and turmeric. It is mainly famous for its vibrant and unique color. And if you are feeling wild, it can also be cooked in pork blood. 

14. Sakin Gata 

Sakin Gata Bizzare dish

This one is not precisely a bizarre Indian dish but a unique one. A sweet delicacy of Meghalayan cuisine Sakin Ghata is a sticky white rice cake; the glutinous rice is soaked in water overnight and mixed with sugar. It is a traditional steamed rice cake which is made during main Garo festivals like Christmas or any such special event. Alternate layers of the rice myxture and roasted sesame seeds are arranged in banana leaves and placed in a special cooking pot and steamed.  This bizarre Indian dish has a nutty zest due to the addition of sesame seeds and has an incredibly soft texture that melts in the mouth and is served piping hot. 

15. Koldil Paro

Khadil Paro Dish

The name of the dish may sound bizarre, but hey! don’t judge a meal by its name. This strange dish has a particular liking among the Assamese and is made by tossing pigeon meat with banana flowers and potatoes. 

The dish is a feast for the taste buds with its unique flavors. 


All around world India is famous for its gravies, pickles and curry. But here we tried to give to a different perspective of Indian food. The bizarre Indian dishes are the collection of some unusual dishes that are strongly threaded in the culture. You may not find these dishes in a typical restaurant. 

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