5 common cooking oils for Indian kitchens and their best use

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That time isn’t far when Indian mothers used to cook everything in vegetable oil. Vegetable oil being one of the cheapest cooking mediums available in the market was very popular. But recent studies show that this is not one of the healthiest ways to cook your food. Which common cooking oil for Indian kitchens is best?

If you have ever been to hypermart, you know how many varieties of cooking oils are on the shelf. Each oil has its nutritional value, shelf life and cooking temperature. So how would you choose the right one for your right meal?

But before we start discussing them, one thing that you need to do is ditch all sorts of vegetable oils

Now below we have mentioned 5 common cooking oil(s) and how you can use them in the best way:

Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil
Virgin Olive Oil

The essence of Mediterranean cuisine, Olive oil is one of the most preferred cooking oil among Italian and French chefs. Celebrity chef Manjeet Gill of ITC hotels consider it the best way to cook your food. Chefs like Gordan Ramsay have also emphasised a lot.

Made from the high-quality Olive which is gently pressed, having low absorbing and high antioxidant natural formula meaning oily food which is good for your heart and body. It tends to be on the pricier side, so save the good extra virgin olive for dipping and dressing, and use regular one for baking and cooking. It will bring out the X factor in your dishes.

Best For: Salad dressing, dips and drizzling over other tempting things

Coconut Oil

coconut oil
Coconut Oil

As a lot of people are getting health conscious, coconut oil being a featured loaded oil has gained some popularity in the mainstream kitchen. Coconut oil is not only good for cooking but also healthy for skin and hair use. Its unsaturated fats are good for sautéing and roasting. Apart from this, it can be used in bakery products giving your cookies, cakes and other baking recipes compliments they deserve.

Best for Baking, sautéing and low-heat roasting

Sunflower Oil

sunflower oil
Sunflower Oil

Made from the seeds of the tall giants who follow the sun all day and still don’t get tanned. This is a healthier substitute for your daily regular oil, bad fats minus. It is like his cousin just not having bad habits.

Only downside sides of sunflower oil are it goes bad quickly and is solid at room temperature. Best to buy in small bottles.

Best for Healthy substitution for vegetable oil, great for searing chicken, fish, or tofu.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil
Peanut Oil

It has a nutty flavour, high-calorie content and low saturated fats. Rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 and made from cold-pressed technique meaning preserving all the good stuff. It has a high smoking point that makes it great for deep frying. Bestway to cook your chicken.

It is a bit costly but in the long term, your health will compensate it quickly.

Like sunflower oil, it is advised to buy it in small bottles as it gets bad quickly.

Best for Nut-friendly dishes, especially at high heat like in stir-frying.

Sesame Oil

seasame oils seeds
Seasame oils seeds

This can be defined as your neighbour’s Sharma Ji ka Ladka. Equipped with antioxidant, low cholesterol level, great nutty flavor, vitamin K, minerals and whatnot. It is good for your body as it lowers blood pressure, improves skin and prolongs cell life. It is one of the best substitute for your anti-ageing problems.

Cold-pressed sesame oil tastes great in marinades, dressings, and vinaigrette while toasted sesame oil brings some bold flavor to dishes like stir-fries and Asian dips.

Best for Sautéing and frying

Conclusion of common cooking oil(s)

After going through so many common cooking oil for Indian kitchens, also we got to know that everyone has their pro and cons. While is advised to use them all in your cooking but that would be impossible for the working class. So our suggestion would be to use sunflower oil as a substitute for the regulars ones. You can have 2-3 more options if your budget allows otherwise you are all set for tasty food and heart-melting compliments.

Bon Appetite!

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  1. I would suggest people should opt for cold press oil of there own region because our body Is likely to break it easily because
    From our grandparents ages…and would be the best for us

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