Mc Donald’s shortening its menu items

Mc Donalds's Big mac burger

This pandemic has caused a lot of losses for all major to minor companies. Companies like Mc Donald’s, Dominos, KFC are planning to look for different ways to serve their customer rightly. Mc Donald’s will be shortening its menu in the near future.

It is actually being said by the officials that the changes will be done by this July. So keeping dozens of items off the menu would help to focus more on the usual and regular items.

Company executives have told that dozens of salads and parfaits will be staying off from the menu. The only complex items that didn’t sell are being called off.  

The shortening of the menu items would be better during this time as the kitchen staff is limited.  Mc Donald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski told investors at the virtual conference that the company will add items back but it is very much unlikely that Mc Donald’s will return to its pre – COVID menu and stick to shorten menu.

The company has been thinking of shortening and doing changes in the menu for a really long time. But COVID has proved to be an excuse for implementing it now. The shorter menu has helped fill drive-thru orders quickly as well.

Franchisees have as well pushed to shorten the menu. The Journal reported that the group, which represents about 80% of franchisees, voted last week to drop all-day breakfast permanently. 

It is quite unsure now that after this Corona Pandemic, would Mc Donald’s return back to the menu which was pre – COVID, or instead introduces new items.

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