Roastery Coffee House – One of the top cafes in Hyderabad

The Roastery Coffee house

Hyderabad is a city that has numerous cafes that are mostly situated on busy roads. Well, when you hear about a café, you think of a place to chill with mostly your friends or even enjoying “ME – TIME”. Roastery Coffee House is not like it.

A variety of dishes are served in most of the cafes. A person will never be bored with the food and ambiance when visiting this city for the first time. The menus are always surprising. These cafes intend to add mostly new items every other month. Speaking of which, I came across one of the best cafes in Hyderabad.

The Roastery Coffee house, a bungalow turned café, having a friendly atmosphere and far away from the busier roads. The café feels more of a home-like and always giving relaxed and refreshing vibes.

The café has a well-maintained garden in the backyard . The outdoors are always crowded as people prefer enjoying food with the cool breeze and not so fancy- dim lights and that too right under the trees . Finding a table here is tricky but definitely worth the wait .

While indoor seating arrangement in The Roastery Coffee house is a bit of a cozy environment, it includes books, succulents, in fact, a live coffee-making machine that attracts you from the fresh coffee smell from any corner that you are sitting at.

Well , now , lets hop on to their vibrant menu items .

Freshly brewed coffee :

Coffee is a morning ritual for most of us. From the choice of coffee beans to roasting and brewing it is an overwhelming experience. For each and every order all this process is done. There is no concept of instant coffee. The artisan coffee experience is enjoyed each time you visit this place.


Cookie Blend: The cookie crumbles with a perfect blend of ice cream and double shot espresso will satisfy your taste buds every time you sip on it.

Hearty Eats :

Well, there are various savoury items to accompany your coffee. The cafe recently introduced a new menu and we have tried most of the dishes from it. Needless to say, loved each and every item on the list. Starting from Pizzas, Pasta, fresh garlic bread to sandwiches and much more, there is a lot on the appetizers and main course.

Zucchini fries: Julienne cuts of zucchini batter-fried and served with Peri Peri mayonnaise beats the regular fries. A new version of the regular fries adds a great enhancement to the taste buds.

Flatbread pizza: If you are more of a thin crust pizza lover, then this is a MUST TRY for you. The pizza bread has a unique sauce and then loaded with lots of veggies according to you, and overloaded with cheese. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a cheese – pull.

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To our surprise, The Roastery Coffee House also introduced the first time in India, the Cascara, which is a dried coffee, cherries brewed, plump drink – CASCARA.

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