Tata soon to emerge as a full-fledged FMCG company

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Recently, Tata Consumer Products Ltd (TCPL) was formed by the merger of Tata Global Beverages and Tata Chemicals. Tata is now aiming to emerge as a full-fledged FMCG company to broaden its horizon and expand it in the Indian subcontinent.

This will provide broader exposure to growth and exposure to the FMCG field, especially. It will also find new opportunities in the specified field. As it is pretty much obvious at this time, the Corona pandemic has been the major issue of creating losses for the companies. Corona Pandemic has impacted the business in the last quarter.

However, the FMCG company is expecting a slower recovery of the supply chain. But in the near future, this opportunity in the FMCG field might turn the tables upside down.

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There is a higher demand for packaged goods than usual in the market. Thus, TCPL is looking for a vast variety in consumer goods as people have been stocking up a lot. The FMCG company has a clear objective that clearly satisfies the consumer’s needs.

The FMCG company will also focus on strengthening the distribution and marketing channels to increase the reach of products nationwide. It will also bolster the presence in the US, UK, and Canada.

Tata chairperson

“We took a conscious call to broaden the focus to make it an integrated food and beverages company “, said the chairman. During the last financial year, TATA Starbucks opened around 39 outlets more, which makes it 185 in total across the country. And at this time, only 50% of the outlets are opened.

For now, let us wait and see what all consumer products do this FMCG company comes up within the already crowded Indian FMCG sector.

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