Girl doing Work from home

This lockdown has certainly made most of us to be digitally dependent for most of our needs. Right from the morning cup of coffee which is made from the coffee bought through one of the grocery apps available to the online classes for students or the work from home for the adults.

You also hear food ventures like Swiggy, Zomato, amazon, and even domino’s now expanding their reach and adapting to cater to the customers this pandemic.

Online classes and lectures being employed to keep the students on track with their education is another way we are becoming digitally dependent. This pandemic has forced us to progress digitally and advance in an area we lacked before.

It has opened eyes of most of the companies to why work from home is better and more efficient.

Infosys has announced that it is mulling over the decision of making work from home permanent for 33% of its employees globally. That is a beginning of a revolution in the work front. A change is needed to co-exist with the post pandemic world and these companies are gearing up for it.

Big names like Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square has also told his employees that they can work from home permanently in the future.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has made a similar announcement.

These companies are a pioneer for this change and I have a feeling more such companies will follow.

The most productive work can be done by the employees only if the working environment is relaxed and positive. What better than your own home where you can spend time with your family. Its safe and provides flexibility.

In the coming future we will see more such adaptations in various sectors. As responsible individuals we should be ready and open for change.

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