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Remember actress Deepika swirling in her long colorful ‘chaniyacholli’ in the movie Ram Leela? Well it’s that time of the year again! If you have a Gujarati friend and wonder why is he murmuring and dancing to weird songs lately then it is due to the upcoming festival of Navaratri, which is said to be the Tomorrow land for Gujaratis. The 9 nights of craziness is perfect for the ones who love to dancing and late-night parties. It is these nights in Gujarat where friends and family gather and dance to Raas and Garba. 

Every year millions of people from around the world gather to their nearest places where Navaratri is celebrated for straight 9 nights to celebrate Navaratri and dance till their feet start aching. Even while scrolling through your feed you might have come across ads for the passes to Garba nights, and so if you have never been to a Garba night before and wonder why are people going crazy for this so called Navratri, we’ve got answers to all your questions so read the article to end to get the best out of Navaratri ! 

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VENUES for Navratri: 

  • It is not just Gujarat or India, Navaratri is also celebrated with the same energy in other countries like Canada or the USA, making it as one of the famous.
  • If you are looking to plan a trip especially for Navaratri, there is no better place to go to than Baroda. Being one of the megacities of Gujarat, Baroda is perfect to celebrate Navaratri, that last year nearly 45,000 people were playing Garba at the Maa Shakti Garba, marking a world record for having the highest number of people playing Garba in Navaratri 2018. 
  • Baroda isn’t alone, in fact in Ahmedabad some of the most famous places to play Garba with your friends and family are Heritage the Garba Festival, Red Raas, and the Raas Leela Garba where even celebrities make as a guest appearance. 
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  • You don’t want to look like a noob playing Garba, do you? Well here are some tips to get your rhythm perfect for the Navaratri nights! 
  • If you are a beginner or someone who’s looking to improve their Garba and Raas skills, then here is the list of few of the famous dance coaching classes which offer Garba tutorials online: Pebbles Gujarati, Akshay Bhosale, Aishwarya Aali. Yes! it will definitely take extra efforts but, if you are willing to improve your dance moves then it is definitely worth it to learn online or at least give it a try. 
  • If watching videos online to learn dancing is not your style, no worries! if you look for dance classes near your locality they offer special classes for Navaratri where you can start from learning Garba to performing Raas with ‘dandiyas’, which usually doesn’t cost that much. 


Well this is the perfect time for the ones who love late night parties and dancing. It is these nights where you have the most memorable fun with your group. 

Apart from the fun stuff, the festival is celebrated to praise Goddess Ambey (Durga). From doing Garba late nights to fasting for the same, it could get tiring for you if you don’t take proper precautions to maintain your health. If you are a foodie and still planning to fast for Navaratri, here are few tips to take care of before you plan on fasting: 

  • Choosing the right time to have your meal is must if you are planning to fast for the upcoming Navaratri 2019. If you’re bound to be busy everyday on working hours, then evening is the perfect time for you to have your diet intake. Make sure you not only fill your tummy but also have proper intake of protein, if you are planning on going for Garba every night in. 
  • Sweating a lot leads to dehydration, so try to keep a small bottle of energy drink with you wherever you go, you don’t want to faint doing Garba, do you? Don’t worry, it is valid to take energy drinks even if you are fasting. 
girls performing garba


  • Well it’s not just all mere dancing and having a good time, Navaratris are famous for winning great prices. The group of people or the individuals who put on extra efforts to dress up and show their extraordinary dance moves are rewarded with exciting prices. Well it is tough to guess prizes for any venue, but putting in a little extra effort can turn out lucky! So, try to keep that in mind if you like to win prizes. 
  • In fact, some of the common prizes rewarded on the Garba nights are: trip vouchers, cash prizes or sometimes even a scooter. The hype is such that people specially spend money to get the best costumes they could get for themselves.  
  • If you somehow luckily manage to make it in Gujarat and plan to get your Navaratri costumes then here are some of the famous markets in the cities you can go through to get your next  

‘Chaniyacholi’ (for women) or ‘Kediyu’ (for men): 

  • Law Garden, Ahmedabad 
  • Ellis bridge, Ahmedabad 
  • Chauta Bazaar, Surat 
  • Nava Bazaar, Vadoadara 

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