Planning a solo trip? Check these things before you start!

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Planning to travel solo? Great!

Solo travelling is one those decisions which, you wouldn’t regret as you get a chance to indulge yourself. You get to travel wherever you want, however you want without anybody bothering you. You get to connect with new people, get to know the truest of yourself and travel on your own terms. Well, solo travelling has its drawbacks too, such as running out of cash, loneliness or safety concerns. To make sure that your solo adventure is memorable and unbothered with any concerns, take a look at these few tips before you pack your bags and hop on the solo ride. It could be tricky to travel alone but with proper preparations and money planning you can get through even if you have to go through some rough spots on the way.

Solo Trip Check List:


Budget for trip
  • Travelling alone is no joke, and instead of booking a fully paid trip if you try to catch up to your expenses on the way, there chances you could run out of money or get robbed on the way. Well it’s always safe to carry a little hard cash with the rest in digital. Hence, before planning to travel solo, make sure you have saved up enough that you won’t have to worry about your expenses on the trip. Do a bit of research on how much it really costs from travelling on public transits to the accommodation charges. It’s always better to carry extra money with you, if any kind of emergency occurs.
  • Search for the best deals available for the destination you are planning to go. Get to know as much as possible about the destination you are planning to go.


location Map
  • Out of few things before choosing the right destination. Before finalizing the destination use these sources for your destination planning. Try reading recommendations and reviews written by solo travelers. There are many companies online where you can find best Solo Travel Deals, this would not only reduce your confusion on which destination to go to but it also offers a great way to save a few bucks. There are other criteria which you need to keep in mind as while when it comes to destination as the distance of Whether it be your dream destination or even if you’re looking just to get away, you need to take care your Hotel from the nearest public transits available in the area, and to sum it all up at last you must search for the famous places to visit around.
  • If you are a foodie like I am, searching for the best dishes in the area is definitely a great way to explore and get new a taste.

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Girl point to sunset
  • Boarding for the trip remember to check all the places where you could have possibly placed your luggage items, and if possible keep a checklist for all. Make last checks before leaving from your hotel or home to confirm there are no items left out.
  • Reach early to whichever transport you’ve chosen to travel from, so that you don’t have any trouble rushing on the last minute, and always confirm your route of journey is scheduled on time.
  • At the check-in ask if there are any chances to change your seat to a better option. Bring some snacks just in case your tummy needs something to eat. There’s never a bad time to watch TV shows or movies on the way, so don’t forget to load your devices full with content as long as it keeps you ON during the commute.


Packing the luggage
  • For packing your bags, remember: The lighter the better. Don’t carry unnecessary loads of weight. It’s great if you only carry one sweater instead of carrying one more just for the sake to show-off. The trip on which you are planning to go, it is advisable to have as much comfort as possible. If you have any kind of medical issues ask your doctor before planning to go for the solo trip. After packing your prescribed medication, make sure you inform your traveling agent about your medical formalities.
  • Avoid taking valuables with you, it adds extra burden to be taken care of. If you are taking them with you, have a safe where you can keep them. There are chances where you might lose your luggage somewhere, in that case it is advisable to keep a copy of your identity.


  • The biggest concern of choosing a solo trip is the traveler’s safety. Since you don’t have a companion to watch your back when times are needed you are likely to be more vulnerable to criminals, scams or as simple as your health. But a true solo traveler can blend into any situations he has pass through. Here are some safety tips to help your solo trip:
  • Before reaching your final destination, you might have to change through multiple public transports, hence make sure you have an idea of how long it takes to get there, or there are chances that the taxi driver might fool you to charge more for an unnecessary long route.
  • Have you heard of Travel Insurance? Well if you haven’t, it is one of the best options for all the solo travelers out there. In fact, some top bloggers/ travelers recommend getting a travel insurance, as it gives you a backup when things don’t turn out as planned. Try reading reviews and recommendations of some famous bloggers/travelers. Saving up more is good but it is always better to get insured, if you are really concerned about your safety on this solo trip.
  • Stay in touch! Check what options are currently available for you to get to use your phone at your destination place. There are already free to low cost options available if you search online. Hence, don’t forget to check your connectivity status anywhere you go around the world.
  • Keep your identity protected. There will be multiple times when you might have to show your identity as a proof, so keep a backup of your identity papers in digital as well as on paper. If you’re going to use public Wi-Fi on the road then it’s advisable to use a VPN. Set up proper security passwords for all of your devices, so that even if they get into wrong hands you don’t have to worry about your personal data. For the same reason make a habit to back up your data from your devices, so that misplacement of devices doesn’t lead to loss of your valuable data.

Here are some bonus tips for Solo Trips to follow:

  1. Try to stick to more open or public places, especially at night.
  2. Walk purposefully and don’t walk around looking like a tourist with a guidebook on your face.
  3. Don’t draw too much attention by wearing flashy jewelry or outfits.
  4. It’s ok to lie, just try not to let anyone know that you are alone.
  5. Give details of your itinerary to your friend or a family member and stay in touch regularly.
  6. Before planning to go the place you want to, ask if it is fun and safe or not.
  7. Drink responsibly and try to stay sober for the most part so that you have your wits about you.
  8. As you’re going to be traveling alone leave a note to your hotel as to when you’re coming back.
  9. Connect with the server or the staff, they’ll have your back.
  10. Keeping your valuables safe is must. Either carry them with you or don’t carry one at all.

Do’s and don’ts of a Solo Trip:

  • You might be having a great time on your trip, but there might be times when you could feel lonely. It may not always be the case, but it can be difficult arriving to a new city alone. The best you could do is take your time and relax, and let yourself settle in. Here are few more hacks for travelers who are planning for a solo trip:
  • Learn to adapt to your destination. It could start rough but as you learn to be more patient it’s easy to adapt. Take a break, relax and watch the city function.
  • Be more proactive. If you’re not sure and want to ask for some help, go and ask for it. Looking around dazed will not get you anywhere, also it may get you noticed by wrong people. So, try to ask when needed instead of gazing around with uncertainty.
  • Get to know more about where you are going trip at, look and study maps of your destination. Find out famous landmarks and places to visit in the locale.
  • Choose to stay at places that encourage talking. Communal places like Bars and coffee shops are great to meet and start a chat with people.
  • It is worthy to put efforts to learn the local language. Besides getting to know something new, communicating in local language is always appreciated and who knows you might get a favored on the way for it.
  • These few efforts would not only make your trip fun but, it would also give you a sense of direction as a plan for which place to move next to.
  • Have a smile! It opens up conversations and shows that you are happy, friendly and approachable kind of person.
  • Get yourself a book to read. Prefer a book that makes you laugh! If you hold it in public there are often chances that it attracts people to share a brief chat with you.
  • Choose places which are more communal. Travelers who find each other where there are other tourists, are more likely to have a conversation. Who knows, making friends on the way, you may find someone whom you can travel to different places together.
  • There’s nothing wrong with being curious. Ask questions and chat with service people, they are the best to get the insights and true colors of the locality.
  • Make a habit to visit places where you got to meet the new people and establish a routine. You will get to know the people around, and eventually they’ll start to watch for you.
  • Documenting your solo journey is a great way to capture moments and memories. It not only stores your memories of the trip, but it is a great way to keep yourself engaging and far from boredom. Keep a few extra battery packs as it can be used in case of emergencies when your phone runs out of battery.
  • At the end of the day, you would be looking for a place to fetch your hunger, so dinner could be tough for solo travelers. Here is how you can still enjoy having your dinner alone: Come to the same place to dine so that you get more friendly with the staff. Eating at the Bar or a Communal table is also a great option if you don’t like to have dinner alone, since you can always find someone to talk to at such places.
  • Roam around in local and get to know about the culture of the place. There is no other way to know what is popular on the streets than walking. Choose a public transit to move from one destination to another if you have enough time to explore the whole city. Look out for any special deals or passes for tourists.
  • If you’re a guy who loves shopping and can handle a load of expenses, before buying things to take with you, just keep in mind the extra luggage duties and the limit of things allowed to be taken with you, no one wants their luggage to be seized. The minimal shopping is the best shopping, and also try to avoid shopping for unnecessary things that you can even get from at the place where you live. Look for the items which are famous and found only in that particular area.

If you are nervous for your first solo trip, it’s totally cool, after all we learn from new experiences. Read the about solo trip essential here.

Hope you have a fun and memorable trip ahead solo travelers!

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